At the end of the day we are about finding solutions – and doing our thing, very, very, very well.

Blocklaying involves the concentrated management of many moving parts and resources. Marking up plans, ordering material quantities, managing the logistics of equipment, suppliers, tradies – these must all be brought together in a precise and harmonious way so that site work runs on time, on budget and quality is rigorously maintained.

With our complete Supply and Install Blocklaying Service, once we have had a meeting to discuss your project and you have reviewed our fixed price contract, there is nothing more you need to do. We will effortlessly run the blockwork on your behalf from beginning to end. Every aspect, from marking up plans, to ordering to scheduling to execution, right through to clean up is meticulously managed by Tim.

We will work hand in hand with site managers, structural engineers and architects to ensure that what we build is as it needs to be and in flow with the rest of the building.


Straight out of school I began a bricklaying apprenticeship and loved it, and I haven’t looked back. Initially drawn to the outdoors and the physical work, I adored being on site and on the tools.

Always driven by my aspiration to do things better, I kept searching for new ways to improve. After my apprenticeship I went on to work as a subcontractor for a year but was very quickly enticed by the lure of running my own business.

After just two years in business, Bayview Brick & Block Laying had grown to the point of needing employees and it was at this point I transitioned again to operate as a company. Passionate about B2B relationships, along with the art and skill required to manage a turnkey blocklaying service, on every level I am exactly where I want to be, enjoying the best of both worlds – on site where I love the action and the team, and managing the entire process.

What I love most…. we have done.

Tim Faughlin